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An other AAA title to go Free2Play
27 January 2012
I've always liked the concept behind Aion, but I didn't like to pay for it while playing. The reason behind it might be obvious when I've spoken of the design-flaw included in Aion more than once...

Late last year I had an eMail that Aion would go Free2Play for European players, and that NCSoft would transfer ALL player data to the new publisher (GameForge) for all players who would participate (unlike when Lineage II wehnt Free2play and ould be hosted by Innova).

When I heard this news I was semi-excited. I do live Aion as it stands (aside from the design flaw), but as with Lineage II going Free2Play, hordes of as-hole kiddy players swarm the servers, killing fun for a lot of other players.  Though on the other hand, all these new players would somewhat eliminate the design flaw, since there'll always be enough players in the level range for the 'forced party areas'.

But I thought to keep a look from the positive side of Aion going Free2Play and allowed NCSoft to transfer my game data to GameForge and I signed up for the beta program.

A few minutes ago if finally happened. I was invited for the close beta test for Aion on the new servers. It tells me I do have a chance to win 'Veteran status' for a couple of weeks, but looking at the FAQ, I'll get one for sure since I subscribed in the past already.

So instead of playing only Word of Warcraft from now on, I'll also play Aion for coming weeks in the beta!

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28 January 2012 - S
Posted by guest-user Zylo
I got Tera ultimate beta key yey <img src= border=0> for all future beta tests until 3rd of May

28 January 2012 - oO
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth

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