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Making progress with the Necron Gost Arc
17 July 2012
Assembling the Necron Warriors was easy. 20 models that I had ready in about 2 hours. The 5 swarms were even easier, too bad the time it took for the glue to dry was longer than assembling them The 5 Deathmarks took a bit longer, mostly because the weapons were a pain to mount properly.

But all those problems are nothing compared with the assembly of the Necron Ghost Arc. Damn, this thing is HUGE! And by huge I mean the amount of parts (168!). Following the manual, I've seen advices to stop at a point and paint before proceeding...

Right now I'm at such a point. The back part of the Arc is done now, but I can't glue the pilot on his spot, as well as the control panel infront of him because if I do, I won't be able to reach certain spots when painting.
 photo NecronArcbackpart_zps53fb8f21.jpeg
This means I have to undercoat these parts first, then fully paint them, and when I'm done painting drop the pilot in his place and glue the control panel in front of him.

Too bad I can;t yet do that, because aside from these parts, I also have 6 bones of the ship already done (talking about an easy job ) and I have to assemble the 10 (damaged) necrons that'll be repaired by the arc as well. Once again, problem here is that I have to undercoat and paint the bones and the (damaged) necrons first before assembling them.

Yeah, this Ncron Ghost Arc is a monster to make, but I'm sure that when I',m completely done, I have a very nice looking center peace in my army...

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