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Paining black on black
19 July 2012
Not much time to play MMORPG's right now, or rather, I'm not giving myself a lot of time to play them

Instead I'm busy painting my new Necron army, and I thin I've started with the hardest (and coolest looking) part of my current army: the Necron Ghost Arc. As I've said yesterday, I want this one to be a stunning center piece, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it as stunning as possible. But before I can make it look stunning, I have to start with the basics: BLACK...
 photo NecronGhostArc_zps2de476a3.jpeg
I started with a black undercoat (of course, looking best for undead robots IMO), and after that was done, I had to apply black paint (over the black undercoat). This may sound odd, but it makes sense. The undercoat is sprayed on the model, and thus very thin. It's more of a 1st layer that'll make new layers stick better to the model. Adding black paint next makes it look better (a bit darker black as well), and on places where the undercoat didn't stick as well are now painted too.

For today I'm done painting, but tomorrow I'll start with the metallic parts. The guns will be painted in bolt gun metal, their hinges in a more shiny silver color, and the outlets (the 3 big ones at the rear) will be painted in bolt gun metal as well. If I have enough time tomorrow I will also make red details on the black paint for the technological 'shimmer' on the Arc.

The Necrons that come with the Arc (both the pilot and the 10 that are in repair) and all the around 50 other ones that I have won't be painted any day soon. First I want the Arc painted, and when that one is done, the rest of the Necrons (the pilot and the ones in repair come first so I can glue the Arc together).

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