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Account unlocked again
30 July 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
I know that I said that I didn't care that my World of Warcraft account was locked, but now I've changed my mind. Saturday evening I made the payment to unlock the account again (well, I thought I did), and made the direct-debit active again. But nothing didn't happen yet. It took an support ticket (and 3 hours) for Blizzard to release the account again so that I could play again...

And yes, so far I'm enjoying theride again. While I thought my lil' goblin was only level 72, she actually was level 77 already, and after an hour 'to get to know her again', I dived into the dungeon finder again and had a lot of fun there with a random party.

Yeah, I made level 78 there as well, so only 7 more levels to go before I can 'play with the big boys'. Though it'll probably take me a lot of time to catch up in gear, I think the guild I'm in will help me along with that. And when the Panda expansion of World of Warcraft is released, I can play along with the guild as well and enjoy all the game has to offer.

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