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I love that Golden Nyanco
20 August 2012
What's that hovering around me constantly? Yes, that yellow bunny with that long tail and overly sized ears it can fly with... That's a Golden Nyanco. I bought it when Aion was still available as subscription only-game and it was hosted by NCSoft.
 photo aion2012082021400039_zps735e3620.jpeg
This pet is not only looking cute and keeping me company. This pet is one with the special skill to warn when enemy players are around. I was wondering how he'd warn me when there would be enemy players around, and by now I have found out. You really can't miss it. He'll have a red ambulance light above him (not that obvious), but the sound that comes with it is enough to draw your attention!

Today I headed out to Morheim, and that's a region where 'rifts' appear and enemy players can get to our side. And though I'm still around the Morheim Icy Fortress, there are always lame kids who think it's fun to kill players of 20 levels (if not more) below them.
That happened today as well, and the Golden Nyaco saved me already 3 times in half an hour or so. Okay, the last time that assassin had a shot at me, but I was quick enough to flee to a guarded place.

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