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Remember saying I'm no archer kind of player..?
18 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
I've always said I'm not a real archer player, or ranged DD for that matter. But with Guild Wars 2, the general mechanics of the game have kinda changed that.

Where in general MMORPG's one has to dodge a lot as archer, in Guild Wars 2, you have to dodge with every class (some more than other though). And dodging actually DOES lower (or even negate) damage. Not to mention, when you dodge in Guild Wars 2, you're stepping back (forward, or whatever direction you dodge to) quite a distance. And unlike most MMORPG's, the monster really has to 'find' you again after you have dodged. This while in most MMORPG's, the monster has you constantly 'targeted' and a dodge is quite useless, and kiting is the only way to keep the monster away from you.

With Guild Wars 2 somewhat forcing me to dodge (and kite), I thought to make myself a ranger. Mostly because I found out that rangers have pretty good control over their pets (unlike the totally no control a necromancer has over it's minions). But the choice of weapons was one I had to think about a couple of times. One set I was already pretty sure about early on when leveling: an axe and a torch. This combination is semi long range (900) and has a lot of AoE options.
The other set however I was not so sure about. I started with a sword and dagger combination, but that gave me the problem that I had to be in close melee with the monsters. Since I'm only a medium armor wearer, I thought this was not a good idea. I also heard a lot of rangers using a short bow. Well, Though it's fast, damage is ...meh...

I finally gave a long bow a try, and I do like that one as 2nd weapon. This one is an almost fully 1-target weapon (aside from one massive AoE skill, which does ellude me a bit) and has the best range available (1200).  With my pets doing most damage, I give supportive damage to the pet and heal it a bit when needed.

Today when I was wandering through the Caledon Forest, I stumbled upon a troll champion (group event), and some one thought he could take up this one solo *LOL* I decided to hop in and see if the 2 of us could kill this one.
Well, up till I died (my bad, I got stuck in a rock when dodging, and I could not loose aggro when knocking on heavens door), we had the troll down to around 25% (not bad IMO). 2 more players tagged along and then things went real fast.

I think after this troll, I'm ready to play any archer class now available. Personally I think I did a good job on dodging and kiting there and it was a good lesson (the hard way ) on how to use these evasive maneuvres.

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