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Reconnaissance (personal story)
29 September 2012
Posted in Guild Wars
I haven't played Guild Wars 2 for the last week. I think I've played it a bit too much and was in dire need of some variation. That's why I picked that 3-day trial of The Secret World, and am not on that 7-day trial for TERA.

But that 1 week break I took also had to do with Guild Wars 2 itself. I was busy with my personal story and with the Reconnaissance mission I kinda got stuck. I tried it twice last week, but in both cases, the instance was bugged for me, and I was unable to complete the instance. I made it a post on the GW2 forums, but no one replied, so I really was stuck there

That was till today, when I finally had a reply on the topic I made and I was informed where to find the last monsters to kill. So I logged on, gave the instance an other try and... No luck (again). The last part of the instance was still bugged for me

The second time today I was in more luck. Though I died the first time because I had too many monsters up my ass, the second try I went through it without any problem!

...and once again I've been given a choice on what to do next... This is what I love about Guild Wars 2. You really make your own story as you play.

Right now I'm not sure if I made the right decision to get that weapon that professor Gorr made, but I figured to stand by my krewe, and I feel he's one of them Lets get on with the show and kick some dragon ass soon!

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