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Know what to sell
21 October 2012
Two weeks ago I wrote that I was thinking to sell all my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons stuff. When I told my wife about it, she wanted me to rethink it a bit longer before I'd make the decision, knowing I'd be sorry if I'd really sell it. I knew she'd be right I might be sorry if I'd sell it, and I didn't make the inventory yet, and the books are still all on the shelf...

Today we've redone the hobby-room a bit, and I am in need of extra shelf-space. With my previous thoughts to sell the AD&D books, I gave it an other (more serious) thought this time while looking at the books. I immediately made up my mind on what to sell, and what not.

Things I will certainly NOT sell:
   - All the 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons core-books and supplements
   - All the books I have of the Forgotten Realms campaign
   - The whole Spelljammer campaign setting
   - My Alternity RPG-system collection - I'm 100% sure I'll regret it when I sell it!
   - The ULTRA RARE Dutch Dungeons & Dragons starter set
   - All the atlas's and maps that I have purchased through time - this includes also all NON AD&D ones
   - The miniature books & boxed sets - way too much fun to keep them

Things I will certainly sell:
   - Most 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books (I might keep some as reference)
   - All 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventures
   - All Dragonlance books & boxes
   - All Ravenloft books & boxed
   - All Planescape books & boxes
   - All Al Qadim books & boxes (though it's FR related)
   - All WotC DM related books (adventures, Monster Manuals and campaign settings)
   - The RARE NM/M 2e AD&D Priest's Player Pack I have
   - All AD&D information cards
   - Oh yeah... one Dark Sun book

I do have some weird bits'n'pieces as well, like a vinyl 33rpm 7" record with a children's story, children's books and other stuff alike. I'll judge them per item.

I'm not sure if I'll drop the list here for all to pick/order from, sell on eBay or an other auction site, but stay tuned. I will certainly drop a complete list here soon with all stuff that'll go on sale for sure...

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