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The morale drain gambits
02 November 2012
The warden in the Lord of the Rings online has a couple of speciel gambits that allow him to drain morale from his opponents. One comes already on a rather low level (26): Fierce Resolve and two others on higher levels (60 and 72). Though the amount of morale drained is not high, it is an area of effect drain, which allows you to drain multiple monsters at once. But there was something funny with the morale drain gambits...

 photo lotroclient2012032419264034_zps20d20659.jpeg

To start, the morale drain was a buff on the warden and a debuff on the opponent. This always puzzled me. Why give the warden the buff, and (more important), when the opponent died, the morale drain kept on going till the timer was expired.
The second thing that was fun (and being exploited a lot, even by me) was that you could drain your opponents multiple times. I managed to fight large groups of regular monsters and stayed alive draining them 3 or more times each. Of course, the buff-list had it's limits and after around 25-30 buffs total, the morale drain would no longer be applied.

These two main issues made the warden class rather overpowered. Remember me saying early this year upon my return that update 6  would make the warden more survivable? Well, Turbine finally figured out their created exploits and corrected them with Riders of Rohan. Oddly enough, there's not a word about these corrections...

The two issues I described above have been totally redone the correct way. The 1st one now no longer gives the warden the buff that raises morale, but instead the opponent has the debuff. I figure that as long as you're in combat and the morale drain is active on the opponent you'll keep gaining morale (I made a movie fighting a rare epic monster and that's indeed correct).
Then the issue with stacking drains on an opponent. That's been redone as well, and now there can only be one morale drain on your opponent (once again, the movie I made with that rare epic monster showed it to me). Down side though is that there's no way to read your opponent's debuffs (like the buff-bars does for your character), so you really do need to keep an eye on your opponent's buffs/debuffs to make a new morale drain possible.

One major thing that bothers me on this new approach is that you can not tell if all opponents did get the morale drain debuff or resisted it. In the 'old times' you could see from the amount of buffs you have how many opponents did get drained...

In all, I think Turbine did a good job on correcting the old exploits that were there with the morale drain, but on the other hand, it's for the warden harder to see if and how long the morale drain will stick. Perhaps that's something for a plug-in to be made in the future..?

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