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GambitHelper 2 - development update
13 November 2012
It's been over a week since I last wrote about my progress with GambitHelper 2. Reason being is that I've been rather busy in RL and have been playing Dungeons & Dragons online if I had some time to spend behind my PC...

But the last 2 days I've had some time to work on GambitHelper 2 again, and I have some good and some bad news...

Let me start with the good news. The new .TGA resource files are all done now. It's been a lot of work to make the new ones, and I'm glad it's done now. There is one problem though - players with good eyes might see some lines between the different gambits. That aside, the resource directory now holds 259 files and has increased a bit in size (702Kb now vs 483Kb before), I think I did a good job keeping the total size as low as possible...

The bad news on the other hand is that I now have to start scripting the new .TGA resource files into the actual plugin. As said before, I have some ideas on how to do it, but I'm not sure if it'll work out the way I want. More bad news is that I don't have overly much time right now, and am pretty tired lately, resulting in early bed-times... I do hope that I can make the time needed to get the scripting done this week.

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18 November 2012 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user Anonymous
What do the little blue and gold numbers at the end of some of the gambit result descriptions mean?
When I have the options window open, what is the purpose for being able to put a check mark next to the gambits... what does the inclusion or exclusion of a check mark do?

18 November 2012 - GambitHelper 2
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Lots of questions on the old version... let me give it a go on how it is/will be...

BLUE numbers is the number of targets that are affected
GOLDEN numbers is the amount of damage - in the upcoming version it'll change to VL/L/M/H/20
CHECK MARK will highlight it making it easier to follow. This can be used when you want to get extra attention to the gambit on screen (when you're doing the deed for instance).

Hope this answers your questions?

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