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I've kinda had it with Turbine
26 January 2013
Have I been spoiled by the good customer service I've had with NCSoft (back when Lineage II was still subscription based), TRION who'd even help trial accounts to the best efforts and gamersFirst who're a Free2Play publisher (of Fallen Earth) and respond within two days..? It looks like I am, or...

As you might know, I have a life-time subscription for Lord of the Rings online. Though  I'm not an active paying subscriber, I did pay a lot back then (*LOL* 125 at the 2-year anniversary with CodeMasters) and have a VIP status. I did buy all expansions of LOTRo, which means I'm still an actual paying customer. For that i'd like to have some quality customer service as well. Guess it's too much to ask

Today it's been 2 weeks ago since I've sent Turbine a support ticket to remove my creditrcard details from my account. I've ordered the creditcard to be canceled because most publishers already accept iDeal (Dutch direct banking payment) and PayPal is an official EU bank as well, so they can direct debit my bank account when I give a payment order.

Yes, two weeks since... And nothing but the confirmation that the ticket has been received and it's asking for some relevant details (which I only see now - they always send a standard acknowledgement eMail and I never bother to read them...). Details I've added upfront already and I'm asked to re-enter them again in a follow-up ticket. Here's the eMail Turbine sent me:
Thank you for contacting Turbine Customer Support. This automated email has been sent to let you know that we have received your support request and to also forward some relevant information based on the support request details you selected:

We are always willing to remove the credit card details from an account, however we do require specific verification from the credit card holder in order to make this change. The credit card holder must be the one contacting us in regards to this either via email or phone. We are available at 1-855-WBGAMES (924-2637), or 1-781-407-4020, Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern, and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm Eastern. Alternately the card holder may open a new inquiry here.)

If you are the card holder please respond to this email with the following included in your reply:
- The username that you want the card removed from
- The last 4 digits of the credit card on file
- The name of the credit card holder
- The billing address
- Request to remove the credit card from the account

Upon verification of this information, we are happy to assist you further. (Additional note: If you would like to gift game access to another person's account, we do not recommend adding your card to their account. Please see this forum post for gift suggestions instead.) If you need further assistance or have questions or concerns please reply to this email to update your ticket status.

Special Notes:
- If you do not reply at all it is assumed that the issue was resolved and no further action will be taken.
- If you received this response in error please reply to this email as soon as possible indicating this.

Lastly, when replying to this email please do not modify or change the "subject" line of the reply message.

WTF are they thinking? When I've made the ticket it was clearly stated that I had to enter that information in the ticket already. So why ask again for those details? And even better, why the automated message and not even one customer support representative is not actually looking at the ticket?

It looks like Turbine is relying on an automated customer service response system and have taken out the human factor entirely. So much for being a paying customer and hoping for some good support from a correctly submitted ticket. Perhaps I should follow that link in the eMail, but I'm afraid that when I'm opening the ticket on the link they've included I'll get the same eMail once again...

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