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Thinking of picking it up again...
23 February 2013
Posted in Guild Wars
It's been a while since I last played Guild Wars 2, and I still think the game is not as good as ArenaNET said it would be. But with all the patches and updates of content done the last 4 months and time gone by, I hope it might be worth to play now. I hope it's like most MMORPGs out there that suck at launch (Lord of the Rings online comes to mind ) and need a couple of months to iron out the bugs and user complaints.

There is only one problem now. When I started playing Guild Wars 2, I mostly played in the morning (before work) and was too tired to play during the evening. By now I'm used to my work schedule and play more during the evening than I do during the morning. This means that my then server choice (US) is no longer good for me and I might need ot hop to a EU server now.

And that server hop is just the problem... I have a 927 gems now (iirc) and a server hop costs me 1.000 gems. With the old prices that would not be a problem to obtain (300+ for 1 gold), but with the current exchange prices it's a real problem. Frankly I need an other gold to be able to get enough gems to hop server. I also can logon daily and just check the prices and hope they've dropped again and hop in then.

Oc source, with the change of a server, I'll also change guild. The one I was in (Knights of Beowulf) I have already left and the moment I can hop to a EU server, I'll search for a good (and active!) guild there to enjoy the game during EU times...

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