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Guess no Aion for me
12 August 2013
Okay, as I wrote last week, my old NCWest Aion account was transferred to GameForge, including all goodies I had there. That means that my GameForce account has lots of stuff there, but I won't play it since its ...well, GameForge/Frogster...

So I figured to look on eBay for the old European Aion 2.0 (Assult on Balaurea) expansion, which I found for 6.70. I only wanted that box for the inventory panda it'd give me, but that was a no-go. When I got the key from the eBay trader after 4 days, the NCWest account system told me that the key was expired. Now that's odd, since the box that I have here does not show an expiration date.

So I made it a ticket, claiming that there was no expiration date on the key according to the card. Well, here's my answer from NCWest:

That code you provied is an expired European Aion serial code. As the Aion Europe service has gone free to play and has been transferred to Gameforge?, any retail serial codes remaining in circulation have been disabled. All of our authorized retailers have previously been notified of this change and have been instructed to pull the game off the shelves.

If you purchased an Aion Europe product from one of our authorized retailers, you may wish to consider contacting them about a refund for the purchase (or equivalent product replacement). Please keep in mind, though, that such a decision will be made at the discretion of the retailer in question as they will have their own policies for such matters.

Should you wish to play European Aion, please visit Gameforge's site via here:

Wait a sec there! All retailers were informed to remove it from the shelf..? That's a PayPal refund request...

So there I am, Not willing to pay NCWest and their overpriced cash shop to play Aion with their servers, and not gonna play on the lousy service GameForge provides (who still has 3.5 running). Looks like an other nice MMORPG is down the drain for me

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