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Warhammer collection has to go as well
13 November 2013
With winter coming and having changed the hobby room a bit (the old spot of the PC has a pretty cold draft), I stumbled across my old Warhammer collection. You know, those plastic figurines that have to be assembled and painted before you can play with them

Thinking back on then I last even had them in my hand (other than to move around), I came up with at least half a year ago. But looking back in my blog, I saw that it was summer last year that I actually was working on them. I think that's already a sign that I kinda have lost interest in that hobby as well

Now that I've started making games using Unity I guess the time I have for the Warhammer hobby will be even less than before. And with Unity being something (semi-)serious and going well, I decided to ditch the whole Warhammer hobby as it is.

But who to sell/give it to..?

Well, I can drop it on eBay and hope that someone wants two almost complete armies that are only half painted. That'd mean that I could get 50-100 for it, but after eBay commission, postage and such, I hardly won't have anything left of it. Not to mention, the paint, brushes and all other accessories are something I really can't be sold through eBay

Then I thought of an old friend of mine. A guy who I haven't spoken for, well about the same period as I've not been paying attention to the Warhammer hobby and decided to give him a call last Sunday. Well, he wasn't quite sure (he still had way too much Warhammer projects on the shelf and not enough time for those already) but would give it some thought and asked me to hop on by his store (he's the Warhammer Alkmaar store manager) this week.

And so I did today. It was good to see him again and talk with him. Not only about Warhammer, but lost of things. I also showed him my Unity project (which actually runs on my Android Creative ZEN Touch2 MP3-player ) and he was quite impressed (he's really a digibethic ). When I asker him (about 2 hours later) about the Warhammer models, he admitted that he really had to make more room on his shelf

And what he's got to pay..? Well, I'll leave it to him. If he takes it as it is, I'm okay, if I get a bottle of whiskey, I'm okay as well. Frankly, I don't care for the money I could get from those Warhammer models since It's been collecting dust already for the last 15 months, and the money I spent on it already was used...

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