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Helm's Deep is here!
20 November 2013
WOW! What the Fellowship took about 15 months or so took Turbine 6 1/2 years. The journey to Helm's Deep...

I haven't been looking at my LotRo account for over a year, and it seems that in the mean time someone hi-jacked it. Yes, you hear it right, my account was inaccessible for me, but thanks to good Turbine service I have it back again (and set a much more difficult to guess password ). But with Helm's Deep around I might be going back to Middle-Earth and see how that'll look.

I hope that Helm's Deep will include the White City as well, but I fear that will be added in the next expansion. But at least, after Riders of Rohan (content that I still have to fully play as well ) the story will get interesting again. Also because Book II of the original story has always been my bane. With Helm's Deep, the end of Book II is near and the story will get 'interesting' again.

Also, with Helm's Deep, I do have to update the Gambit Helper 2 again. But since I'm too busy with other programming 'duties', I won't expand it anymore as I wanted back in the days, but I will only keep it up-to-date for the current releases.

Right now my LotRo client is updating and I really can't wait to set foot again in the (once) awesome MMO. But before I go there, I gotta tell that I will not play LotRo as fanatically as other MMOs I played in the past (Lineage II comes to mind). I will play LotRo like I play most other computer games, for a couple of hours a week, along side the other ones and my current programming 'duties'

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