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Played through complete Volume 1
19 December 2013
It's been quite some time since I completed the original Epic story of the Shadow of Angmar release of Lord of the Rings online. It was then that I defeated Mordorith and was introduced to Sara Oakenheart.

Though I don't want to spoil too much on how the Volume 1 ends, I did record the last 2 bosses I had to defeat.

The first boss I had to defeat was Mordrambor, the new King of Angmar and he who I've been pursuing for already quite some time (in the game that is ). He managed to get the ring Narchuil from the hand of Narmeleth (AKA Sara Oakenheart). After having defeated Mordambor, Narmeleth picked up the ring Narchuil and destroys.

Next up I have to defeat Mordorith and get it all over with. Wait a second, Mordorith..? Didn't I kill him already 18 months ago at the end of the original Epic story..? Nope, I didn't. I defeated him but he got away, like Sara Oakenheart did at that scene. This time I have to correct my error and rid the world of him for good!

Of course, a false King wouldn't be a false King if he didn't put tricks into his fight. First off, I'm fighting not him but his illusion Secondly, he's constantly tried to trick Narmaleth into returning to his side by showing her images of her father (who died earlier on in the story).
In the end it was not me who kills Mordorith, but it's Narmaleth who strikes the (extremely easy) killing blow. And I gotta say, that it kinda is an anti-climax to the story. I expected something more epic at the end from my side, but WTF were they thinking? One simple blow by a sword and Narmaleth kills Mordorith with her last dieing breath...

Now that I've played through the whole first volume of the Epic story it's time for me to pick up where I left on the rest of the story, and that's not that much further. If I remember correclty, I'm only one book past the exit of Moria and there's still a lot to be done. But at least now I'll have more challenging opponents to face, with their level around that of mine...

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