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Nightshade healer
17 April 2014
Posted in Elder Scrolls
Okay, this might sound a bit odd, but my main character is a Nightshade (rogue like class with stealth and assassination skills), and I have taken a healing staf as alternate weapon. Where with dual wield I do massive damage, these same skills also provide some healing for me and my party members. This made me think if using a healing staff would be an option to be a party healer. For this I had to take a close look at the skills I have that involve healing and how to set them up with the maximum effect.

 photo eso2014-04-1707-52-32-83_zpsc9af9fe6.jpg

Obviously, I'll equip the 2 healing skills I have unlocked for the healing staff. The one in slot one is perfect for area healing of allies. That is IF they stay in the area The one in slot to is a bit more tricky I found out. It feels somewhat as a random healing to two allies. I'm not sure if and how I can control the two members I'll be healing...

Killers Blade (slot #3) is more a healing skill for myself if I have last hit with it, but at least it's a lot cheaper than normal healing Funnel Health is one to use during combat and I think is certainly more efective than Healing Spings. Lotus Fan is one that seems a bit out of place but as support character it';s not. Snaring is always good when you're in combat. Last but not least, the ultimate skill Soul Shred. I don't think I need to explain why that one is there. Lower the enemies magicka and allow the allies to use a leech ability...

Now you wonder how this looks in a party. For that reason I did the Spindleclutch dungeon again yesterday. It was my first time as healer in the Elder Scrolls online, and I saw it more as a learning thing that a serious attempt to clear the dungeon

The one thing I did learn from this dungeon is that I also need to do something about the my magicka and magicka regeneration. By now I have gained an other level and have dropped the +10 to extra magicka. Next up is trying to get some more magicka regeneration items...

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