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Labor in 1.2
05 July 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
With the new 1.2 patch also the whole labor system has been overhauled. Though not a full overhaul, there's been a lot of tweaking done to the system to 'optimize' it. Well, optimize, it looks more that it's been done this way to sell labor point supplemental items

Lets start with the most important change... In the previous version of the game, we could craft almost everything we wanted while leveling up our character and the corresponding labor proficiencies. This was a handy system and every player was pretty happy with it.

Now after the 1.2 patch, a lot more limitations to labor usage have been implemented with a minimum proficiency for the skill. And to make things worse, a lot of rewarded points have changed as well. Some went up, others went down. As an example, I'd love to take the Alchemy proficiency. before the patch you basically had to pay a lot of gold for the bottles you'd need for the potions you'd make, but at least you could quickly make the higher level potions because the minimum requirement to make them was pretty low, and the points rewarded for the craft was relatively high (15 each craft iirc). Now though, the Alchemy craft now rewards a mere 5 points per craft for the same potions, while the curve to the next 'tier' of potions is pretty high. There are two examples really showing this.
The first one is the pet recovery potion - a potion that resides in the husbandry proficiency and has no minimum requirements. The problem making this potion is that you need a healing potion which has a minimum of 25K alchemy
The other example is the tier 2 polish that you need to make a farmer's workingstation from you small scarecrow. This polish has a minimum requirement of 10K or 15K Alchemy, while you can need it already at level 10. Add to that the extreme slow 'growing' of the Alchemy proficiency and you can see the problem that' arising here...

An other problem with the new labor system is the raised labor used for some skills. Sadly though, this increase is mainly for the processing of raw materials into materials to be used for actual crafting (like 3 wool into 1 fabric, 3 ores into 1 ingot and 3 logs into 1 lumber). That used to have a 3 labor requirement, but now it's increased to 5 labor. Though it doesn't seem so bad, the amount of raw materials needed to be processed is enormous! Not to mention, you get a lot of it and with this increased labor usage, you can't process it all anymore.

Last but not least an other HUGE complaint on the new labor system. You get more XP per labor point used than before. This implies that the pure crafters (I'm one of those) will level a lot faster now when crafting their stuff. I'm not saying it's a real bad thing, because leveling a new skill tree can be a pain, and crafting can ease that pain. But if you start crafting from early in the game like I did, you'll miss out on a lot of the other good stuff the game has to offer...

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