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3-monitor setup #3
24 August 2014
Posted in ArcheAge
A 3-monitor setup is also supported by ArcheAge. And I have to say that ArcheAge supports the 3-monitor setup better than the games I tried so far. As I said before, the regular 3-monitor resolution is 5760x1080 and 4320x900. ArcheAge supports these 2 resolutions as well (though the triple 1440x900 resolution is not natively supported by most monitors and will give odd results), ArcheAge also supports a resolution of 3840x720

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-08-2208-34-42-10_zps43395ecd.jpg

 photo ARCHEAGE2014-08-2208-36-19-68_zpsb144bc39.jpg

I'm showing you both (triple HD) resolutions above, along with the info on GPU load and performance. Though at my farm both resolutions don't really have a lot of problems keeping up with it, I can imagine that in Mahadevi or during massive naval PvP, the GPUs will suffer severely from overheating with the 5760x1080.

An other good thing to notice is the extra perspective added on the surround monitors. The perspective at the far side of those monitors is closer than near the centre monitor. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that the nVidia drivers are responsible for this effect. An effect that adds more depth to playing with a 3-monitor setup.

I have to admit, that for a while I wasn't sure if I'd be playing ArcheAge at release. I've already seen and done most that the game has to offer. But now that I see that ArcheAge also supports multi-monitor setups, I think I'll reconsider and play it for sure at release. Only problem now is what resolution to use. Should I go save on the 3840x720 one or go for 5760x1080 but suffer lag and heavy noise from the GPUs trying to keep them self cool..?

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