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FF13 no longer about skills or fun
27 February 2015
Posted in PlayStation
I've has quite a fun ride with Final Fantasy XIII. That was until chapter 9 and I encountered the fal'Cie Barthandelus. He totally dropped out the fun of the game. The problem with this boss is something I already found with other (smaller) bosses earlier in the game - one-hit kills.

Got Barthandelus things get a bit worse than the other bosses though. I'm fighting this dude for about 10 minutes (okay, perhaps I should use buff potions when I encounter him ) and have his 4 faces down. Then he's on to get a lot of damage, but the problem is that I can't do him enough damage in a short time - he does more damage to me than I can heal without synergist (tank).

Okay, I survive and then he gets to his dooms-day skill (I still have over 75% to go ) and here things go wrong. Each and every time - NO MATTER WHAT I DO DURING THIS SKILL - I'm instantly killed I have tried this boss by now for a dozen times with different parties, but it all ends up in the same result - instant kill.

This makes me wonder what happened to the old bosses from earlier Final Fantasy games. Those took quite a time to take down, but at least you had a chance and there was no thing as an instant kill skill they have. Those were the fun Final Fantasy games, but this one (FF13) is just no fun with instant-kill skills.

By now I have googled how to get past this one and I think I might have an idea on how to do it. But when I look a bit further, there's more of these kind of bosses peeking around the corner that give a hard time and can instantly kill you. I am even wondering if I should continue to play this game or just move on to the next one (and I don't mean Final Fantasy XIII-2...)

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02 March 2015 - y
Posted by guest-user Zylo
I did that boss with Hope, Lightining and Fang, with elixirs popped before fight.

with circling between 3 stances:

1. Commander Commander Ravager (when golden thingy is on for fast clear of the heads (use blitz and not do the Auto thingy), and timing when it was about to run off for massive damage with takedown abilities)
2. Healer Saboteur Healer (healing if necessary)
3. Ravager Ravager Commander ( for stacking the golden % thingy)

Did it 2nd try with 5 stars.(not upgrading my weapons since start helps with the rating)

03 March 2015 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Thanks for the hint Zylo. I might give it an other try next week when I have some time. Right now I'm pretty busy on porting the whole blog script to the latest version of PHP and MySQL 5...

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