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Blog script update
05 March 2015
Posted in General
Two days ago I reported that this week would be a lazy one with blog posts because of an update I had to do for the script that I wrote for it. Today I've made the last adjustments to the script and it looks like every thing is working now under the new PHP 5.5 version along with the latest MySQL 5 server.

Though I have done only a couple of rough tests so far on the test database (which is obviously running on MySQL5 ), it all looks very promising. The I am Blog script where I had to add a new WYSIWYG editor for posting (damn, I'll sure miss the old editor) as well as all the SQL instructions seem to be working. The same can be said for the (extremely old) test copy of Pages from Sages that I'm using.

Because I'm using the I am Blog script for 3 sites total, I had to make a lot of exceptions in the code for all 3 pages to make sure it works just like the original I am Blog script used to when it was a blogging host. Though I'm no longer using I am Blog as a host for others to use, I do want to keep the code compatible with that function, hence I had to make a couple of adjustments for my own 3 sites. While at it, I decided to chop down the exceptions I made and make the I am Blog code even more generic, which basically comes down to only 1 exception for the AE games blog (because it's running in a sub-directory).

Later today I will be running more tests on the whole I am Blog script and if all no errors are found I will update all sites from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.5 and upload the new code. Sadly though, doing this will mean that I have to put the sites off-line for a couple of hours..

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