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Database (export) problem
06 March 2015
Posted in General
With the update to MySQL5 I've found a problem when exporting the old MySQL4 database. Somehow the -sign is not recognized with the export and is converted into some real shitty text. I noticed this problem when going through the new (test) site.

At first I thought the problem came from the import into the new database, and I experimented a bit with the character sets that I could use, but to no avail (for obvious reasons). When I found out that the export was the problem, I tried to see if I could change the character set used for export, but that I could not

Instead of changing the way I'd export my old database, I decided to change the shitty text into the actual -sign in the exported database and import it.

The default import again came up with a shitty text for the -sign in the new database. Then I decided to use character set windows-1257 (always use the latest I figured), but the import crashed with a SQL-error The 2nd try I decided to use character set windows-1256 and this time the import went well and when checking the database I saw the -sign instead of the shitty text and checking the test blog also gave me the regular -sign. Only one test remained and that was writing a new entry were I used the -sign and this went good as well.

So it looks like all is going well with the site update. I'll run a couple of more tests today and if I don't find any odd things I'll update all the sites at once. As said yesterday, keep in mind that I need to drop the sites off-line for a couple of hours to make sure all went well...

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