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Killing Pages from Sages mail
13 March 2015
Posted in General

The email address of my handle DemiGoth has landed on a large nuber of SPAM lists through time. This started with the hack of one of the Aion fan forum's before Aion actually was released. To handle the large number of SPAM I recieved for on the DemiGoth email address I created a lot of rules for my email client to filter out most of the phishing mails for account info as well as a lot of bogus mail and generic sale mails.

When that didn't really help, I decided to make a lot alternate email accounts on the pagesfromsages domain to route all 'legit' mail to my mailbox and almost literally drop everything that came in on the DemiGoth email address into the trash (which I emptied once a month without even looking at what was in there).

With the change of me no longer playing MMORPGs anymore, the need to keep ANY of the email addresses on the Pages from Sages domain really faded away. For all the MMORPGs I used to play I changed the email address into something NOT related to, but I kept DemiGoth's email account alive.
This I did about 2 months ago already. Since then I've set the 'capture all' to the DemiGoth email address to see what I might have missed on (important) accounts that might come in and change those accounts as well.

Now 2 months later and no email coming in amymore I have decided to kill DemiGoth's email address as well as the 'postmaster' one and stop polling mail for Pages from Sages completely. If I happen to have missed ANY account or other mailing list that I would still like to use, I can always make a quick account and change it later on...

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