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Hopping to DailyMotion
29 March 2015
Posted in General

I've ranted more than once about YouTube's automated copyright detection system. Man, it's totally insane that each and every time I upload a game video that some ass who has written music for the game (and 9 out of 10 times licensed the music for the game, which in turn gives me a license to reproduce that music for game footage broadcast) makes a music claim and steals my advertisement income. Even worse, when I'm not monetizing the video I still get ads on it for the copyright claimant.


And I'm not the only one with this problem. A lot of broadcasters on YouTube have that same problem, both gamers and people who produce their own work. CPG Gray is a good example of that, who now has disabled monetization for his videos and instead has added an ad at the end of his latest clip. And I honestly can't blame him at all for doing this.

For games the problem is even bigger. Take Nintendo who recently 'teamed up' with YouTube and just claimed ALL RIGHTS of the game movies that were made from Nintendo games. The publishers (gamers that is) of those movies either had to agree to a partnership with Nintendo and get only 50% of the advertisement income or nothing. That's just OUTRAGEOUS!
Even worse is SQUARE-ENIX with their games. Only Final Fantast XIV: A Real Reborn (and I should drop a copyright notice after even using the name brand ) is allowed to be broadcasted with a copyright notice. All other games made by SQUARE-ENIX will just get a copyright claim and be monetized for them

As you can see at the top of the blog, I am now also using DailyMotion. I have even placed the logo in front of YouTube because I'm moving over to DailyMotion completely. But I won't (re)upload my old movies (yet) because I have over 500 movies on YouTube and it's quite a lot of work to get that done. DailyMotion allows me to monetize with ads as well and I get 70% of the income from that. And honestly, that's more than what I'll get from YouTube when a lot of outragious claims are put on each and every game I broadcast because someone found his music in a game that only held a loop of 5 tones played on a piano far in the background volume (yes that actually happened to a video of mine ).

Sadly though, I still do have to use YouTube. This is because twitch only uploads the highlights to that platform. Good thing that I can download my own movies and from there on upload them again to DailyMotion...

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