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A full switch to DailyMotion?
10 April 2015
Posted in General

This morning I was uploading 2 streams from my Blade & Soul gameplay of yesterday. The 2nd one odldy enough was uploaded normally to DailyMotion, but the 1st one gave an error in DailyMotion's mass-uploader. After 3 tries, I decided to upload it through the DailyMotion site directly and I got the following message:

 photo Screenshot 2015-04-10 10.26.36_zpsnyxc4hex.png

Hmm... Copyrighted content? I know YouTube lets everyone who has written a single note for a game make a claim on the video, but I wasn't aware that DailyMotion would do the same. Not to mention, as far as I know I didn't upload any of the movies from YouTube yet that certainly had a copyright claim. So I decided to inquire through email and I heard that there's an upload limit for everyone (aside of publishers) of 2 hours per 24 hours. Checking my recent uploads and that indeed was my problem

This means that I'm not able to upload all my streams from twitch to DailyMotion Until now I did that by exporting the streams from twitch to YouTube, then download the movie only to upload them to DailyMotion. So I have to be creative on what to upload to DailyMotion.
An other option is to move the streaming service from twitch to DailyMotion as well. Though it's still in beta, I think it has potential. With that, it's a France service, while twitch is US. Perhaps for you it's nothing, but for me the difference comes to privacy. Basically us EU citizens are lawless in the US when it comes to our data stored on servers on US soil (NSA rings a bell?). DailyMotion being France it has to comply to the EU privacy regulation...

I have been testing streaming to DailyMotion this morning and it seems to work pretty well. The only three problems I have found so far are:
  1. It takes quite a while for DailyMotion to pick up my livestream from the moment I hit broadcast. Several tests showed response times between 30 and 60 second.
  2. DailyMotion does not record the stream by default. Where twitch streams and records your broadcast, DailyMotion only streams it. It's a good thing that the OBS software is capable of both streaming and recording locally at the same time (unlike XSplit I must add).
  3. The stream doesn't auto-start on the website. I had to press F5 to see my stream...

For now I'm not 100% certain if I hope to DailyMotion for streaming and thus make DailyMotion full home for my gaming videos. I will certainly give it a serious thought the coming days...

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