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Climbing the volcano, one last time
26 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
By now I've played most of the classes there are to play in Age of Conan. That is most of them, aside from the soldier classes. I even played the ranger class, and found it as boring as I find most ranger classes...

This time it was time for my Bear Shaman to climb the volcano. Since the movie is the same each time, I only made a movie of the mini-boss that stands just before the end of the quest.

For now I'm still not sure if the Bear Shaman or the Necromancer will become my main character in Age of Conan. Both classes have elements I like. The Bear Shaman is a hybrid class, healing, buffing and melee combat, while the Necromancer is a nuker class with the support of pets...
For now I'll play both. The Bear Shaman is already in a guild, and I think this guild is a good one to be in

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