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Kira's crypt - Face what lies within
28 May 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Here's one of the saddest stories in Tortage. Raboz, the local scribe's help, had an amulet and lost it. Since he lost it, one of his ancestors keeps calling for him. He asks you if you can reclaim the 3 parts of the amulet for him, and as the good hero, you'll do that for him

Next he asks if you want to help him open the mausoleum where his ancestor is buried. Again, as a good hero you say yes and you meet him inside the mausoleum (where he just stands between lots of aggro zombies that attack you and just ignore him, but let's not complain about that... ) and he opens the doors with the amulet and a bit of his blood...

...this is inly the ending of the story. The story as a whole is very nicely done, and if you're around Tortage (you probably will be, since it's the starting area of the game ), I'd suggest to talk to the scribe first, free Raboz from the prison and follow the rest of the story...

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