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Phoenix Medallion of the South
14 June 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
Yesterday I had a real bad day with a huge headaches all day and I was agitated most of the day. But early in the evening, I finally felt well enough to play Age of Conan a bit, which was the first time in days I felt good enough to play it

The first thing is always that "Where was I?"-feeling. For me it was level 30 and try to get that 2nd part of the Phoenix Medallion. I left myself at Roderick in the Cimmeran "capital" so I could pick up the quest quickly. From there I went to Old Tanara to head on to Stygia, and visit our guild city first, which was around the corner of where I had to go. I know, this side trip was not really needed, but I had to see it for once

Then it was time to go in the instance where I could find that 2nd part of the Phoenix Medallion. I had to kill a mage first who feeds a demon, which in turn protects the Phoenix Medallion...
As you see, the mage itself was pretty easy. But because of the lag-spike I experienced, the game forced me to walk backwards, which resulted in me being unable to use any skills effectively. Though the four snakes are easy, if you just can't hit them right, they might proof a problem. It was a good thing I was able to "reset" myself before anything bad happened...

Then it was time to beat up that demon... He was bathing in blood which keeps him strong. But because I poisoned the blood right after I killed the mage, that demon wasn't as tough as before...
Again an easy kill And opening that chest, I was in luck... The shield I picked up was rare (blue) and is up for sale right now...

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