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Conan's Age is ending
20 June 2010
Posted in Age of Conan
As twice before, Age of Conan was fun to play for about a month, and after that I'm loosing interest once again...

After having given it a thought I think I know why I'm loosing interest in the game. It comes mainly down to two reasons.
  1. Much like Fallen Earth, questing comes down to pickup the quest, go to the X on the map, do your thing (kill monsters most of the time) and go back to the quest giver (or any other X on the map) and complete it.
  2. PvP is non-existent on the PvE-servers unless you go to the "mini games", which is much like the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. And when you are on a PvP-server, you can't walk anywhere withing being ganked by groups of players.
Aside from these 2 real game-breakers for me, I do have to say that Age of Conan did improve since it's release. Though DX10 still doesn't work well, unless you have a 1.500+ system, in DX9 the game looks very good, and there a lot of engine improvements have been made. And the latest expansion did bring a lot of new content and that looked very good as well. I even have to say it really felt as if I was in the far east.

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