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16 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
There I was, walking around the world of Allods, killing waterfolks to complete one of my quest. Around the location shown in the two pictures below, I was fighting one of those waterfolk, and used Feint, one of my skills, to gain the advantage of 25% extra dodge on my enemy...

The use of Feint seemed like a good idea at the time, after all, I use if often, and it does save me a lot of times from damage from the monster I'm fighting. But this time it didn't end up all too well...
Before I realized what happened, I was on a different place and disoriented (real life that is...) and found myself somewhere below the ground. Good thing, I still had my target, and I killed it.

After I killed the monster, I tried to get above ground again by jumping, walking and the alike, but nothing worked to get me out of there Trying my Adventurer's Stone to teleport back to the village failed as well. This was because I was stuck in a collision area, whre I happened to be moving constantly. It was really annoying, seeing my screen move constantly as if I was moving half a meter constantly between two places...
I even made a support petition with gPotato, but well... Since I'm on the US servers, it's the middle of the night there, and it would take till tonight for me before I'd most likely get a response from them (no offense to the gPotato support here )

So I started yelling in zone-chat and hope someone could help me. And I must say, the community was pretty helpfull, coming with possible solutions, but none of them worked. The best idea heard was to target a monster and hit him once to get aggro and let it kill me. The idea itself was excellent, but too bad, since I was under the ground I had no line of sight, so I could not target anything at all

Then Ephylaa and Degenrate came up with an idea to get me in their party, lure a monster and let me get aggro. It's a good thing I'm a trickster and have lots of ranged attacks, so we gave it a try...

Ephylaa targeted a Waterfolk Witch, and I was able to "give support" to Ephylaa and get that witch as my target. Shooting it once was enough to get the witch to become pissed off at me let it hit me. Giving the witch some time (like around one minute), it was finally able to kill me and I could respawn back in the normal world again...

Note for myself... Be careful when using that Feint skill next time. I don't want to end up underground in a collision area once again. This time I could die easily, since I was still under level 15, and no harm was done with my items getting cursed. But when I'm over 15... I just don't want to think about that...

Note to gPotato... I'll drop this blog entry to your support for a bug report. If you have any more questions, please feel free to comment here so I can get back to you

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