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My first CURSED item
18 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Doing some of my quests, I came across a rock that seemed to have a treasure buried underneath it. Curious as I am, I took a look and found an iron chest under that pile of stone. Opening the chest, I found a crossbow in it, the Crossbof of Kania.

Too bad, during time, the positive magic imbued on the crossbow has gone bad, and it's cursed now. I can purify the crossbow if I want, but why worry about it now, when it'll take me at least an other week before I can wield it? I might even find a better weapon in the mean time as well...

About purifying the crossbow... I have 166 gPotatoes (item mall currencies), that I obtained from visiting certain advertisements. I know, I'll be spammed now by these sites, but that's what we have gMail accounts for

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