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In doubt about the horse...
22 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Yesterday I bought my first 3150 gPotatoes to get myself an bigger backpack and bank storage.  To get those gPotatoes was a problem as well, since the first two times my payment was rejected through PayPal. The third time, when I made my eMail addresses match, I managed to get the payment done...

Now I have a bit over 1500 gPotatoes left and am in doubt to buy the horse. Looking at the mount in the item shop, it shows that it only gives a 15% speed boost, and to be very honest, I think that's extremely low for a mount, which in real life goes 3x the speed of a human...

And to make things worse, there's the feed problem. The only way to get it is through the item shop as well. I'm not sure if feeding the horse is a must (I hope not), but it does give a speed bonus when feeding the horse.

But from what I heard, the speed bonus to the horse only lasts for 90 minutes And then I don't even know how big that speed bonus is. I mean, if it makes the horse 50% faster than normal walking, it's not even worth the effort IMO...

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