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I bought the horse and am pleased
23 July 2010
Posted in Allods online
Though I was in doubt yesterday about the horse, I did buy it after having a chat with one of my guildmates who has one as well. Reason to buy the horse after all, is that after a while the horse will level up, and with each level the speed the horse moves increases...

And below is a picture of me on my horse. I am a bit disappointed that even Gibberlings get one horse, and not three small horses that they ride individually, but Oh well, it's just how it's designed

The food thing of the horse is still a bit fuzzy. It'll take me 10 feed to get the horse to the next level, and from there I don't know how much I'll need for the one after that. My guess is that the 50 feed I bought initially is not enough to get the horse to the maximum level...

Also, the feed lasts for 30 minutes at this level, but luckily the horse only uses it when I'm actually riding it. The feed also gives an extra boost in speed, but it's not that much. Looking at it, it's only an extra 15%, making the fed horse 30% faster than what I normally walk. I know, it's not much, but the boost is enough for when I have to travel long disntances, like I'm doing right now, hunting that freaking Wandering Alchemist...

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