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My first cursed item
08 August 2010
Posted in Allods online
I thought having holy charms (or the 10 blessed charms I received as quest reward on Evermeet) in your backpack would be enough to protect you from items getting cursed upon death. So far I died so many times, and I had none of my rare (blue) or better items cursed. And when I said it in zone chat (including an "I might be jinxing it now" comment), my next death indeed cursed one of my items

Now here's what went wrong...

Having the holy charms (or blessed charms for that matter) in your backpack is not enough. One of my party members told me that I needed to equip these charms in the empty slot just above my dagger. Now that's something that's never been told in the quest

Luckily, the item that was cursed wasn't that important. It was a reputation reward I could buy again for less than half a gold (you see in my backpack that I have enough ). Okay, it's a shame the thing got cursed, but I'm glad not one of my rare quest rewards got cursed there...

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