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Allods vs Runes of Magic
12 August 2010
Posted in Allods online
I've played both Allods and Runes of Magic now for about two and a half weeks, and it's time to compare the games...

Graphically, both games are pretty strong. They're not like most Free2Play games, where an almost prehistoric engine is used Looking at how your character and the environment is drawn, Allods has a more cartoonish style than Runes of Magic, though Runes of Magic overused the bloom effect a bit too much to my likings... Personally, I think they both can match them self with AAA titles like World of Warcraft and Aion: the Tower of Eternity, just to name a couple.

Audio is a different thing... Where Allods takes care that you always here some music, in Runes of Magic there's a lot of silence at times, where only the effects of your battle can be heard. The ambient music is pretty good for both, though I think that Allods uses a more fitting ambient mucis than Runes of Magic. The combat effects of Runes of Magic need to be redone I think. It's kinda odd when you wield your wooden staff, that you hear a sword unsheethe

Then there is the important thing about gameplay...
First off the questing, or PvE part... Allods has a couple of long story lines in the game, called World quests, where you learn about the history of the world and their races. In Runes of Magic, I haven't found any such thing (yet). Regular quests are done pretty well in Allods, and it's one of the few games where I actually read the whole quest description, while in Runes of Magic, quests are just there and represented as huge walls of text with coloured highlights for objectives, locations and persons. Yes, you guessed it, I don't even take the time to read them, also because the quests don't really connect in my opinion...
Then looking at the map, both games give locations of where to go. In Allods you'll get a rough location of where your objective is or the exact location of your contact. A good thing is that quest givers are not shown on the map, unless you're real close to them. In Runes of Magic, only quests givers and turn-in points for quests are shown on the map. Most locations of objectives are not there and you should read the quest description (so follow the highlighted texts in the quest).
Then there's the raid thing... Where in Runes of Magic you can solo a raidboss when you're about 3 levels higher (speaking of LAME ), in Allods the raidbosses are exactly the other way around. Those raidbosses are wat too overpowered, and even when you're about 5 levls higher, you still need a good party to make sure you won't die from a critical hit of the boss.

Then the PvP part... I can't say I did any PvP yet in Allods, but since it's Realm vs Realm I assume that there'll be a ganking fest when I get to it, much like I've seen it in all other RvR games... Runes of Magic has an open world PvP system, and I've already spoke about that last week...

Last but not least... Item shop...
Both games give a bit a of Play2Win feeling when looking at the item shop, which I think could spoil the gaming experience of a lot of players. But comparing the two, I must say that Allods has the better item shop of the two. Where in Runes of Magic you can really pay to boost the power of your armour and weapons up to +6 without a problem, in Allods, there's only one power item and that's the Incense, that'll boost your damage output and health received...
Pricing of both cash shops is an issue as well. Allods (as most gPotato games) has a decent pricing, where a 21-day incense can be bought for US$ 3.75. When you compare that to Runes of Magic, the power items will cost you a lot more, but those will stay with you on higher levels...

I think you have guessed already which game I love more... Allods. Though it's a RvR game, which is really not my thing, the game just feels a lot better to me...

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