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Resubscribing was a mistake
19 September 2011
It's kinda like the blog-title tells...

Resubscribing to Aion was a mistake for me. As I wrote this weekend already, there are some serious flaws in the game design where I am somewhat unable to progress in the main story line. But there's an other thing that I forgot about Aion (and most other faction based PvP MMO's): the ganking...

Yes, there's ganking all around the maps where high level players hop through rifts to lower level (enemy) area's to 'PvP' with the other side they encounter there. And most of the time this other side they find there are lowbee players with at least 10 levels difference. And this is just the kind of 'unjustice' I can't live with.

Like last time when I was in those area's, this time it pisses me off big-time again. And with the 'good community' Aion has *NOT*, help from higher level players is not really on it's way (as before).

So basically, as said above, resubscribing to Aion was a mistake. I still have 25 days left on subscription, but I'm not gonna play anymore and get pissed off by these lame gankers...

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