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Beauty (or the beast...)
05 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Yesterday I was still complaining about the gear-grind to start, and today I was already on the level to start doing the Cataclysm instances. That's right, I managed to 'upgrade' my gear from that 165 item-level to over 226 in less than a day...

So I listed myself for the instanced dungeons (only 2 with 226 average item level) and I found a party real quick.
Yeah, Beauty was easy to kill for us. Rather easy actually, and that for a monster having 875.000 HP (give or take). But other monsters in that dungeon did prove more difficult though.  One in particular for me. It dropped meteors on me, and each meteor does about 33K damage Yes, I died a couple of time because of them, but with the last healer we had, he managed to keep me alive though (good healing dude!)

Now it's time to hit 75, gear up more and team up with the guild for the more epic dungeons...

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05 August 2012 - yo
Posted by guest-user Zylo
First of all how are ya

I see you are having fun with multiple games

I wonder if you will play GW2?

06 August 2012 - GW2
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Hi Zylo, long time not seen!
Still doing so-so, just not 'complaining' too much on the blog <img src= border=0> Best part is that I'm unfit for work for 68%, but working for 15h a week is still real tiresome for me...

Yes, I'm still planning to play GW2. My old LotRo kinship is going there with 15 men already and we're looking for more good guys like you. How about for you to team with them as well? Hope to see your application there soon <img src= border=0>

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