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Leaving the Island of Dawn
28 September 2012
Playing the Island of Dawn for like the 5th time, doesn't really give me a lot of pleasure doing so. There are no secrets to be discovered anymore, because I've been there before and read that book The one thing that does make it worth to play through the Island of Dawn (aside from kinda being a must) is that I know what to expect and can save up money all the way

Also the 2 instances on the Island of Dawn are known to me, but they do seem to have been made easier. Sorcha's Reckless Challenge was one that was recommended for a (small) party during beta, but now it can fully be done solo.
I know that during beta a lot of players already did it solo (I didn't though).

The other instance, Dark Revelations, is one that had to be done solo in beta already (I can be wrong here), and now it's as easy as it was during beta. But this time I knew what to expect and I didn't make that mistake to run to the other side of the 1st room and have all the mobs aggro me immediately
Only thing bothering me here is that huge ad at the end telling me I should buy TERA. I know, I'm on a trial account, and EnMasse Entertainment is hoping I'll buy and subscribe to their game, and I will (bidding on a sealed US version on eBay as I write this).

So what's next..? To the mainland for sure. And there I didn't really do a thing during beta, other than explore (and find a lot of empty area's). This time I'll run the quests given there, craft and try to socialize. Yeah, the socialize is a real try to for me now. Being on a trial account, I'm kinda muted (prolly to avoid gold sellers to use trial accounts), and it is really frustrating! Real players are kinda forced to solo the game till they buy the game, because it's almost impossible to make contact with anyone.

Oh well... 3 m ore days and (if all goes well), I'll have my key and be able to fully play TERA. I really can't wait, and I do hope that TERA will fill that gap that was made when I left Lineage II...

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29 September 2012 - zylo
Posted by guest-user zylo
yo which server and is it EU OR NA?

30 September 2012 - server
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
US server Mount Tyrannas. I'm there with a Elin Mystic (Demigoth) and am thinking about a Popori Lancer. Drop me a line if you're on that server too

30 September 2012 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user Zylo
Nah I am playing on Tempest Reach PVE server. I hate PVP server cause mostly trolls there and they gank you at low lvls with whole raid group rofl. No thanks.
I can enjoy lvling here and environment+ we get a share of PVP in Battlegrounds and guild vs guild which is enough for me. Outlaw sucks ass.

30 September 2012 - Hopping
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Let me hop server and you invite me to that guild of yours. I don't care if I'm on PvE or PvP server when your guild has wars as well. I'd rather play with (old) friend than with total strangers...

30 September 2012 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user Zylo
We don't have any wars at the moment XD, + battlegrounds are for 58+.

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