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One step closer to Free2Play
17 November 2012
I've been saying it for a long time - Bluehole Sudio and EnMasse Entertainment were planning for TERA to go Free2Play from the start, and now it's finally happening. The first small steps have been made today with the Discovery Edition.

What does this Discovery Edition mean exactly. Well, for starters, it makes TERA Free2Play up to level 28. To make the comparison with Star Wars: The Old Republic that did go Free2Play this month, they allowed their players to play up to level 15 (or 20, not sure) before the fully Free2Play kicked in half a year later...

Of course, as free player you have some restrictions. You can see them in the linked article, but I want to point out some of them though...
   - 200 gold - No problem I think... Money gain is not that big in TERA and my character had around 50 gold on level 20.
   - Certain chat restrictions - At least a lot better than with the 7-day trial. Now you can speak with other players around you
   - Whisper & friendlist restrictions - Pretty common that you can't whisper to someone on trial accounts. Good that they compensated it by allowing to whisper players on your friendlist (they have to add you to theirs though to get them on your list)
   - No server transfer - *LOL?* They have only 3 servers, one PvP, one PvE and one RP, so why transfer to an other server?
With these changes and being able to level to 28 (which is halfway the game) I think it won't take long for EME to make TERA fully Free2Play in the US. After all, in Korea and Japan TERA has been Free2Play for almost a year now and with declining subscription numbers in the US, EME has to get new players in. I hope for EME's sake that the level 28 restriction is good enough to get new players interested and get them to subscribe, but I fear they'll bump into the same boredom as I had when playing it for a month or so. I think it'll in 3 months from now before TERA will go fully Free2Play...

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19 November 2012 - xx
Posted by guest-user Zylo
That's where you are half wrong my friend.

Tera is nowhere fully free to play. Yes there exist a free to play server in Korea/Japan apart from normal ones(subscription based) with quite alot restrictions: Pvp content/lvl/skills restriction/dungeons etc, it's like a server stuck in one patch forever.

And this Discovery edition is the same, free to play server apart from normal ones, which is like the same 7-days trial one but this time with even more restrictions so it's meh.

Game will go free to play in near or distant future, but seriously alot of ppl don't really care. If you wanna play the game, pay for 1st month then buy chronosscrolls ( 1 chronos for me is 1h farm of gold). Game survives solely because of that and novelty shop.

20 November 2012 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Different servers? I didn't find that in the Announcement. SO they do it much like Ragnarock is handled then?

Anyway, I'm not seeing myself grind money for chronoscrolls once a month. I just got too bored playing the game itself. Lacks a lot compared to Lineage II IMO, and not worth money spent/d on...

I might give it a try again if it's fully F2P, but even that's not sure...

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