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Re-installed TERA
16 February 2013
With TERA Free2Play now and me having a 'Founder' account, I figured I should re-install TERA again and give it a new try. Even more because I'm not sure I'll keep playing World of Warcraft after my current 2-moth time-card has expired. Actually, right now I'm cutting down on all expenses for MMORPGs because I think they're not worth the money spent on them only because they're not innovative enough

Back to TERA... I downloaded the installed, installed it (25Gb total), next it was time to let the launcher patch the game and... Can't connect to the server (well, other words but that's basically it). Looking on the forums I'm not the only one having this problem. From the looks of it I think the patch server is kinda borked, and that when I wanted to play TERA gain

Well, lets wait till tomorrow and give it a new try to patch the game. I really hope it's not a problem on my side (most likely not...)


I was able to logon normally now (4 hours after I wrote the above). But because I'm busy downloading all Origin games again I was lagging badly and had to quit TERA. So as I expected, the problems were server side, and when I'm done later tonight (or tomorrow which is more likely) I'll play TERA a bit again

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18 February 2013 - y
Posted by guest-user Zylo
If it's on USA servers gimme a pm sometimes if I am online. Ingame: Goki lvl 30 atm (Tempest reach PVE)

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