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28 February 2013
I forgot how broken the TERA PvP system actually was, and which also was the reason I skipped this game in the first place.

The most important issue I (still) have with TERA's PvP system is that PvP toggle you have to use before you can even start to hit an other player. This means if a player is already in PvP mode and starts attacking you, you'll always loose the PvP But this can easily be overcome on the PvP server (where I started to play) by walking around with the PvP toggle turned on.

But then I found out an other issue yesterday. TERA relies heavily on gear when it comes to PvP. The better your gear is (and with that more expensive), you're more sure to win PvP. Keep in mind that starting this month TERA went Free2Play with a cash shop, but this does make TERA kinda Pay2Win now. Why I hear you ask?
Well though there are no game-breaking items in the cash shop, the locked lootboxes drop like candy. You need to open them with a key you can buy (failry cheap) from the cash shop. Doing so, you have a very good chance to get something very nice from the lootbox which can be sold for lots of gold on the auction house. Only because of this TERA has become Pay2Win. I have only sold 2 lesser items that I obtained from the lootboxes so far and have gained 500 gold, with a lot more items waiting to be dropped on the AH (I had to make some money to drop items on the AH before I could drop the rest there ). My bet is that in the end I'll have enough gold to buy myself a good set of (PvP) gear that I can own everyone I meet of my level.

Last but not least, the TERA criminal rules are close to non-existant. Everyone can kill everyone without any kind of retaliation from the (NPC) authorities. This also means that a lot of n00b level 60 players who clearly can't win from their own level players are roaming the lowbee areas for some 'good PvP'. This kinda sounds to me like what happened to Age of Conan on their PvP servers, and I'm not gonna support that.

For all the above reasons I decided to move away from the PvP server and transfer my character to the PvE server. Don't get me wrong, I do not fear PvP, but when PvP is unbalanced because a game is Pay2Win, I'm out. I'd rather enjoy the content on the PvE server instead and see where things go from there...

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28 February 2013 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user edd
just a couple of thing to clarify:
first you dont need to be an outlaw to attack another outlaw. you see a red player you can attack him without toggling your pvp(just a security measure for u not to accidentally hit someone).
secondly yes everything from cash broker can be traded which in my opinion is a good thing but that is a different topic. the fact is that tera is in no way a hardcore game yes it's p2w but you can also get that gear without paying a dime rather quickly in the end it all comes down to player the best gear in this came cannot be brokered you have to craft it yourself because it's bind on pick up even mats are bind on pick up.
anyway that's just my 2 cents.

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