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Like nothing has changed...
07 March 2015
Posted in General

Do you see any difference on the site? I hope not... Last week I've been busy to update the I am Blog scripts from PHP version 5.2 to 5.5, and with that update the MySQL databases from version 4 to 5. It was a lot of testing from my side to make sure everything woudl go well. And it was only today that I still found some odd things in the database. Somehow certain (non standard ASCII) characters would not be exported right. That problem I tackled earlier today by updating the exported database manually (READ: mass search & replace ). Now the I am Blog scripts are running with the latest PHP version my webhost has available and I'm sure I can continue with this version a couple of years before I need to update the scripts again.

But... Back in 2011 I was busy on a couple of new features for the I am Blog script which I will pick up again. One of the major new features I wanted to add was a calendar system to browse past entries, and with over 8 years of blogging (178 pages already ) this feature seems to become a *MUST*... Sadly I can't start on these new features yet, because I still need to update the server side PHP scripts for TetraGems...

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07 March 2015 - Something changed...
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
I did notice one change to the blog - SPEED! It's a lot faster now with loading...

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