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ESO unplayable for me
19 March 2015
Posted in Elder Scrolls

I was hoping I could return to the Elder Scrolls online and enjoy the game now that it's Buy2Play. Sadly, the engine used (a modified Hero Engine along Havok) is not really allowing me to enjoy the game because of resolution issues

Elder Scrolls online starts in the 'borderless windowed' screen mode and on my system that means it's a resolution of 5760x1080. With most games this is not a real issue - I can just set the game to 'full screen' and a resolution of 1920x1080. This I also did with ESO, and after two screen flickerings, nothing really changed. Below is a screenshot of the result after the chenge to a full screen 1920x1080 resolution. Yes, it still is 5760x1080 and when I start to play it seems that only the texture resolution has dropped to 33% (yups, it's ugly as hell after the resolution change )

 photo eso 2015-03-17 12-37-34-09_zpscgt8rzb7.jpg

Having trouble looking at the UI of the screen all to the left? I did that on purpose. ESO has a 'fixed UI', meaning that you can't move the elements around. And the location of these 'fixed UI' elements is compeltely to the left and right side of the screen. As I've already reported for EVE online, I keep shaking my head to see what's doing on on the screen, while for EVE online I can still move around a lot of UI elements. Sadly, in ESO I can't move stuff around and it becomes totally unplayable. Add to that that I have only 1 GTX660 now (I sold the 2nd GTX660 2 months ago) and I'll get a lot of performance issues with I set the game to max (which would not be an issue if I could play in 1920x1080).

I have already contacted Zenimax online about this issue, and I was told to make some modifications in the UserSettings.txt file (located in MyDocuments/Elder Scrolls Online/liveeu). It was not as it I didn't find that file already and tried to change a couple of screen settings. Problem there is that ESO is NOT LOOKING at this settings file when it comes to full screen resolutions. Even better, changes I made (like actually write the 1920x1080 resolution) are overwritten to the default for the full screen resolution (5760x1080 in my case). Making the file READ ONLY doesn't help either. After having made the changes to 1920x1080 and setting it READ ONLY, nothing happens and ESO still starts in 5760x1080 (and displaying that resolution in the game's config) but nothing is written.

I hope Zenimax online will pick up this isseu so that in time I can play ESO again. I have my doubts though. After all, Zenimax online has already seen that ESO has failed and changed from a subscription based system to Buy2Play and they also have laid off a large portion of their development team. And with less developers in-house it will make it hard for Zenimax online to fix issues like this that few users have.

I know I can always change my monitor resolution from 1x 5760x1080 into 3x 1920x1080, but that's not a real option for me. When I'm programming, I really do need that 5760x1080 resolution for Unity3D because I have a lot of UI elements dragged out of the main program and set onto the left monitor (which reminds me, let me ask my son how it works on his 2-monitor system - it might actually work) and when starting Unity3D my whole UI setup might be messed up again (and it just worked so nicely). On the other hand, if it actually works, games made with Unity 4.6.x (Shrooud of the Avatar and Shadowrun online) might also have a 'fix' to their similar resolution issues...

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Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
I've looked at my son's monitor setup and how Unity works on his PC and I found that I could switch to 3x 1920x1080 resolution instead of 5760x1080 without a problem. Unity keeps opening the windows I made on the monitors I dropped them on...

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