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Doubts about TERA ...again...
22 February 2012
Yes, once again I have my doubts about TERA. This time not about the game itself, but more about the PvP rule-set used, or rather the possible lack of it.

I've done some research on the PvP rule-set used on the Korean servers, and I have to say that I do like them. At least, they do use some kind of criminal rule-set that would prefent ganking of lower level players, or at least make it less appealing. But on the forums of the Frogster servers, they're talk about not using ANY kind of PvP rule-set, and the same talk is going on on the US servers

Why is that criminal rule-set so important (to me)?

Well, let me go back in time, to 2008 and the release of Age of Conan. On the original PvP servers there was no criminal rule-set at all. This resulted players rushing in levels to as high as possible and next thse players would camp spawning spots to gank every lowbee player that appeared there.

During the TERA (EU) beta the same thing was already happening. Though not in spawn camping (luckily spawn spots are in the save-zones), but a good example is the area around the horse quest. Players come there on level 11 and have to gather some herbs to get a horse.
Problem there is that lame gankers of (then) maxed out level were there killing every lowbee player that come around to get these herbs (one-shooting them). IMO this has NOTHING to do with PvP and only shows some bad ePeen of those players and a broken PvP system (or lack of it).

An other thing that bothers me about the PvP system is that you MUST go into a PK stance before you can even start PvPing. This goes for both players. So one in PK stance has the advantage already and the victim has to go to PK stance (2 second skill initiation/animation)first before he can even defend himself. How lame can that be?
IMO an open-world PvP game like TERA is should have NO PK TOGGLE at all on their PvP servers. I'm okay with a PK toggle on the PvE servers and that both players need to be in PK to start PvPing, but on a PvP designated server..?

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