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Warden skills seem okay to me
08 April 2012
I mentioned before that there were plans (from Turbine) to redo the Warden class with update 6. They seemed to think that the class is lacking something (clear goal and power as tank) and wanted to fix it. Looking at how the Warden was at release and how it is now I think it's quite okay...

To illustrate why I think the Warden is okay, I'll show you 2 movies. The first one I use the Preperation skill (I know there's a warg hiding next to the goblin, so I put up shields), showing how powerful this skill actually is. Though you can only use it right before battle, it can give you an advantage over the monsters you're fighting.

Next is a movie where I tank a rare elite monster. Though this example might not be accurate (signature and not elite), I do manage to tank elite monsters of +3/+4 levels of me, like I do in Goblin-Town. Heck, I even tank signature monsters with 2 regular monsters without a problem - not something I'd try on any other class...

Personally I think the Warden class is 'just fine', if not even a bit over-powered after the latest update, but Turbine thinks the class had to be fixed by making it this powerful. Well, be my guest, and I'll be waiting for the nerve following in a couple of months

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