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Original Epic-story completed
18 April 2012
Yesterday I finally managed to finish the original Epic story-line from the initial release of Lord of the Rings online (Shadows of Angmar). It did take me some time though to get it done because of a certain NPC I had with me that wasn't allowed to die during an instance, but died every time because that n00b took aggro on every troll she found. Then in the end, she actually DID have to die because of the story going on

Later on I went with her father to face the False King of Angmar (Mordirith) and kill him.

I think I did a pretty neat job there, and I think this instance (Book 8, chapter 5 or 6) was a lot of fun. I'm also very sure that with my old champion (DemiGoth originating from Snowbourn, now on Eldar) would not be able to have pulled this off.

Now I have two choices ahead of me.
  1. I either continue on the Volume 1 Epic story-line as they were introduced with all updates up to Mines of Moria. These are Books 9 tru 14 if I remember correctly, and will bring me to the new places in the old world of Middle-Earth as well (Evendim, Forochel).
  2. Or I'll make a serious start on Volume 2, which starts in the Mines of Moria. But then I'll probably get to the point where I broke off last time: BOREDOM. Yes, I still don't like the Mines of Moria expansion. Everywhere you go it's the same song "Hey, we dwarfs are back here but the goblins are crawling all over the place and must be killed". Not to mention, it's a dark place and my night-blindness does effect the game-play there.
Then there is also the problem that the Volume 2 Epic quests start at level 52 (I'm 51 now) and I might be up for some nasty surprises then. Then again, the drops will be very good I think (hope).

On the other hand, I might as well do both Epic story-lines both at the same time. It might cost me some money traveling half way across Middle-Earth constantly, but at least I'll enjoy the fun of both story-lines as I go along. And when I'm bored with one, I'll just hop to the other one

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