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Elf flesh vs Kistlev flesh (old vs new)
18 May 2012
I've ran almost out of my old Elf flesh, and it was time to finally start using the new Kislev flesh.

At first I was a bit disappointed with the results, because I thought it was a base color and it didn't cover the model as good as it should. But when I wanted to write this post, I wanted to scan a phrase from the White Dwarf  issue 388 in which the new colors were detailed and each kind of paint was explained. Only then I noticed that the Kislev flesh wasn't a base color, but just a layer, much like the old Elf flesh. This means I have to revise my initial thoughts about the new color as I go along writing this

First impressions before starting is that I had to shake the little bottle of paint better. The first time I opened it, there was clearly still some pigment on top of the paint. Closing the lid and shake some more made the pigment mix with the paint better. This is new to me, since the old colors didn't have this much pigment in them.

Then the first layer painted as I used to paint in the past. I'm a 'light painter', using not too much paint so that the details of the model stays as visible as possible. With the old Elf flesh this was a problem, showing the black undercoat clearly, while after adding a 2nd layer of Elf flesh would hide the undercoat for about 85% or so (giving an unintended good effect though).
Now with the new Kislev flesh, the 1st layer of paint is doing a much better job than the old Elf flesh, though one layer as I used to paint still shows the black undercoat, but a lot less than the Elf flesh does. After adding a very thin 2nd layer, the coverage of the paint is over 95%, making the new Kislev flesh far better than the old Elf flesh to use as a base color over the black undercoat.
 photo WarhammerKislevvsElfflesh_zpsb972eda5.jpeg
In the picture above I've used bot paints, with Elf flesh on the left side and Kislev flesh on the right. Though the Elf flesh might seem to have better coverage after the 1st layer, it's not - the flashlight of the camera clearly brought up some of the pigment on the thinner parts of the paint, making it look like the Elf flesh has better coverage...

Then the color itself. When I bought the Kislev flesh, I already noticed in the store that it was a bit darker. As the above picture shows, putting them close together indeed shows that the Kislev flesh is a bit darker than the Elf flesh, and I can't say otherwise. But this one layer is not all that I'm applying to these models. I will add a wash to make shade-effects, followed by 2 different dry-brush colors. I think after I'm done the darker Kislev flesh won't show that much darker anymore as it seems now

I think in all, the new Kislev flesh is a better quality paint than the old Elf flesh was, and I surely hope that this quality goes for all other layer paints as well. Right now I'm thinking about old colors like Snakebite leather and Red gore, which are awful to make a good paint-job with as well. But since I sill have enough paint in those old bottles, I'm not gonna buy new ones until I really need new ones

...and the old Elf flesh of which I still had a bit..? Well, I'll keep that as 'spare'. I have about 30 models painted with it, and those models aren't finished yet. So when I make a mistake, I can use the old paint to correct (read; hide ) it...

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