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Necrons are coming!
15 July 2012
I'm kinda sad that I don't know enough players who play Warhammer Fantasy Battle, while most of the people I know do play Warhammer 40K. This might be one of the reasons I'm not that much in a hurry to finish paining my Ogre Kingdoms army...

So I've decided to start with Warhammer 40K as well. I used to be in doubt between Tyranids (I have played them long ago already), Dark Eldar and Necrons. To make a decision, I took a closer look at what's in the 'starter box' of each army (both in models and point value) and what the possibilities are for conversions and diversity in the army.

I know for conversions Tyranids are the most ideal army, but as said I did play them before and don't really want to start with them again. Not to mention, with the new 6th edition 40K rules, the Tyranids are the only army without any allies. 2nd choice for conversions are the Necrons I think. Though all undead robots (it does sound kinda contradictional ) that have been made in large series (Terminator T800 comes to mind), individual Necrons (HQ, and smaller units) might proof to offer enough conversion possibilities.

And speaking about conversions... First thing I thought when I saw the green neon tubes of the Necron Warriors was to see if I could replace them with an other color. Googling this as possibility, I came across a forum discussion where someone actually replaced the plastic green neon tubes with purple glass.
I like the result a lot, though purple won't really be an option with the color-scheme I have in mind for my Necrons. I'll paint them in a titanium alloy (blueish metal glow), and that combined with purple might not be a good match. Searching eBay, I did find some red neon tubes instead (I ordered 50 of them already ), which will make a better match with my color-scheme.

And speaking about the red neon tubes, I wanted to match most of the 'technology effects' with the neon tubes, and the red does seem to be a good color to do that. Where the Arcs have green accents, I think I'll make them red. And where the Necrons them self show green 'technology effects', I'll make them red for sure. Though I think I do need a lighter shade of red than the two I already have (Red Gore and Blood Red), but I'm sure GW has one in their new paint range

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