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Gear-grind started
04 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
Finally, I've hit level 80, and with I got summoned in Orgrimmar to join some crusade on some newly erected land in the sea, near the Eastern Kingdoms...

So far, so good. My guild advised against it and to wait a couple of levels instead. So I thought to get myself in a random dungeon and get those few levels quickly that way. But that didn't work quite as I thought...
 photo Wow2012080414305258itemgrind_zpsb3c6c3c0.jpeg
Yes, it's right... I'm undergeared on level 80. I can't access any of the new raid instances, and being 80 already, I can't join the old instanced dungeons either

Therefor I did go to the newly erected landmass (damn the ADD, I can't recall it's name), my ship sunk there because Kraken was hungry, and I'm walking around the bottom of the ocean now (how to get back to Orgrimmar..?). Making the best of it, I just went out on the quests I was given there. At first I didn't get a thing, only XP and gold (quite a lot of both BTW), but no gear yet.
By the time I was about to logoff, I picked up a quest that would give gear, but nothing a Warlock can use And what kind of gear it is! It's item-level 272 *DAMN* and only a 'green' one. This while my current 'blue' items have a level of around 165.

Looks like I'll be there for a bit and have to start grinding gear then. Only now I have to hope that I'll get some Warlock gear as well as quest reward

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