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Not gonna pay 15 for some pixels
15 August 2012
Posted in World of Warcraft
After careful consideration, I decided to keep playing World of Warcraft in favor of Star Wars - The Old Republic. Somehow, WOW is more appealing than SWTOR is for me.

So I was looking for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion, which will be released late October. The 'standard edition' costs a 34,99, while the 'digital deluxe edition' costs a 49,99. But what's the difference between the two, or rather, what's 'extra' in the 'digital deluxe edition?
 photo WoWMoPUpgrade_zpsa47e27c9.jpeg
Well, there you have your answer. When you buy the 'digital deluxe edition', you'll get a mount (it's looks hideous if you ask me), a small pet and a banner of some sort in Diablo III and a thingy for the StarCraft II forums

Well, first off, I'm not playing Diablo III, so the banner is very useless to me and the same goes for StarCraft II. This leaves only the mount and pet to consider. As already said, I think the mount is hideous, and certainly not one a goblin (my main character) will ride. Also worth to mention is that in-game mounts, though rather ugly, are cheap and do the job as well And that little pet..? I know that in Mists of Pandaria these pets can be leveled (have to play the beta to see how it's been done), but I can't really be bothered about those pets. Okay, I have 20 or so already and have one favorite that I have always out, but 'battling' with them like they were pokemon pets..? nah....

This leaves me with no real 'goodies' I'd enjoy from the 'digital deluxe edition', meaning I won't be paying the 15 for the extra pixels...

An other thing bothering me is that Blizzard is still asking money for their expansions, and not even giving a 'free' extra month for purchasing the expansion itself. At least lot of other MMORPG developers that charge their players for the expansions will add 30 days of 'free' time to y our subscription plan...

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